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Abortion Center in Hollywood

Phone: 954-964-9528

Find Out If Medical Abortion Is Right

for You

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Abortion by Pill

Before we allow you to undergo the pill abortion method at A WOMANS CENTER OF HOLLYWOOD, we will give you a pelvic ultrasound to make sure that it is the right choice for you. The abortion pill will be administered at our gynecology clinic during the initial visit if there are no underlying issues to be addressed. A second drug and some pain medication to be used at home will be provided afterward as well.

To confirm that the procedure is successful, we will do a follow-up in 4 weeks. Our abortion services are available to women in and around Hollywood, Florida.

Medical Abortion Benefits

    • High success rate (anywhere from 95% to 98%)
    • Non-surgical and has a low complication rate
    • No shots, anesthesia, or instruments involved
  • Oral pain medication and antibiotics are included.
  • Free follow-up visit to ensure that the process is complete
  • The whole experience is similar to menstruation.

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